Curious Bobcat- Close Encounters of the Furred Kind

On June 23rd 2009 while birding in West Marin, I encountered a Bobcat. We startled eachother and it loped away and into some dense nettle and blackberry bushes. I could see movement within the brush and was suddenly hit by a very strong smell of mammal. I leaned in and the smell grew stronger but I didn’t see the cat again. About an hour later I returned to the same spot and had my camera ready as I rounded the Alders where I had seen the animal before. Surprised, I found the Bobcat standing at the far end of a grass path and began to film. I simply stood as still as I could and kept filming.


4 thoughts on “Curious Bobcat- Close Encounters of the Furred Kind

  1. Keith,

    We meet again after 29 years!! You remember me? Did you have that “Green Valley Grin” when you saw the bobcat? Was Mona with you?

    Remember your travels with me and Rich in Arizona the summer of 1980? Great times.


  2. All good things come to he who gets out! To have a video souvenir of such a priceless encounter–well, serendipity favors the prepared mind! WAY TO GO!!

    This really brings back my two bobcat encounters, one at Sta. Ana NWR in TX, the other in North Dakota. But I had mere seconds of worship at the Altar of Bobcat.

    What a gift. I’m impressed by his muscular shoulders and haunches!

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