Keith’s 2010 Carbon Free Big Year

MISSION: To see the greatest number of bird species, in one year without the use of any combustion engines.

RULES: My Carbon Free Big Year, (CFBY) started at 12:01 AM Jan. 1st 2010 and will conclude at 12:00 PM Dec. 31st 2010.

A CFBY originates and concludes from a single location, in my case, from my home in Bolinas, Marin County, California, USA. I can only count species that I see or hear, while venturing out from this “home” location under my own power.

Acceptable modes of transportation include; bicycle, canoe, kayak, skateboard, surfboard, unicycle, hang glider, roller blades, pogo stick, shoe or flip flop.

Illegal modes of transportation include; automobile, motorcycle, motorized boat, jet ski, go-cart, helicopter, airplane, hot air balloon, dragster, space shuttle or rocket powered boots.

Simply put, if a Brown-crowned Ground Bounder shows up in a desert oasis deep in the middle of the Mojave, I can’t drive or take a boat, (even one with a one horse power bass boat motor) to say, Needles and then walk the short distance across a couple of sand dunes and peek at the Ground Bounder, checking it off on my list. NO! I must walk, skip or ride my bike to this distant and god forsaken spot, (from my home) and then peek at it. No exceptions!

I will keep a running tally as to what species I’ve encountered as well as the first date and location it was recorded. To view the list click on the “2010 species list” tab at the top of this page.

Keith Hansen

2 thoughts on “Keith’s 2010 Carbon Free Big Year

  1. What a wonderful Palindrome Day we had 01022010- starting with the incomparable bird-joy morning with you. Thank you for the inspiration and nourishment. (FYI – tried to email you but the msg was returned / undeliverable… Will try again with link to the palindrome-like video of which I spoke)

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