New birds added on Jan. 3rd 2010 for my Carbon Free Big Year

Today was a memorable one with 20 new species added. Starting out I heard a Varied Thrush calling near my gallery. Next was Spotted Towhee on the hill out of town. After that I was VERY surprised to see a very early Tree Swallow coursing over the marsh at Gospel Flats. Below it were the 3 feeding Greater White-fronted Geese that have been around all winter. Next it was off to some private land where I ticked off my 100th species, 3 female Hooded Mergansers. Pine Siskins along Pine Gulch creek were added and the Red-breasted Sapsucker that has been glued to the large willow at the Pine Gulch Creek bridge was, well, glued to the tree. Zipping up the lagoon I had a flock of Bushtits when I heard a Sapsucker calling. I squeaked it in and was delighted and a bit surprised to see that it was a juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker!!! Next it was a Whimbrel at the north end of the lagoon followed by Western Grebe, Common Goldeneye and Pied-billed Grebe. Down by the elementary school I added Long-billed Dowitcher, 4 Eurasian Wigeons (!) and a  couple of Spotted Sandpipers. Moments later I found two male Blue-winged Teal that have been around for quite awhile but I had not had the pleasure of meeting these fine ducks as of yet. After breakfast in Stinson Beach with my bride, I headed Back to Bolinas where I found an Osprey at the north end. It was back to the gallery. Later in the day I added California Gull and Herring Gull near the Bolinas Rod and Boat Club. This brought me to a total of 115 species in 3 days.


One thought on “New birds added on Jan. 3rd 2010 for my Carbon Free Big Year

  1. (tried to email via site but it bounced back, just fyi…)

    Hey Carbon-Free Keith – I just might put your (Jan 3) blog post in the Weds Hearsay, unless you tell me to cease and desist. but it’s kinda cool…


    —–Original Message—–

    Keith’s 2010 Carbon Free Big Year « Bloggerhead Shrike
    By Keith Hansen
    A CFBY originates and concludes from a single location, in my case, from my home in Bolinas, Marin County, California, USA. I can only count species that I see or hear, while venturing out from this “home” location under my own power. …
    Bloggerhead Shrike –

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