Recent bird additions to my Carbon Free Big Year, Jan. 4th-6th 2010

I have added several species to my Carbon Free Big Year in the last three days. On Jan. 4th I added Western Bluebird while taking a walk with my bride in Bolinas. On the 5th, I birded the Bolinas mesa taking in the Sewage Ponds, various neighborhoods and a peek out to sea to work on some of my rocky shorebirds and pelagics. Starting out, I discovered 12 Lesser Scaup and an immature Snow Goose at the Sewage Ponds. This Goose has been around town for the last few weeks and so I was delighted to finally catch up with it. Interestingly, I located an additional Snow Goose, (this time an adult) at “The Pumpkin Field” on the road into town. After the ponds, I encountered and added a Golden-crowned Kinglet near Aggate Beach. Crowning the cliff above Duxbury Reef, I was happy to add Brandt’s Cormorant, 2 Black Oystercatchers and a noisy flock of Black Turnstones. I headed back home and on the way stopped at a friends yard who in the past plated host to a Eurasian Goldfinch. While the Eurasian Goldfinch departed several years ago, I was pleased to see a female Lesser Goldfinch with all of the American Goldfinches that were “hanging out” on her thistle feeder. Not long after that, I finally caught up with a beautiful Lincoln’s Sparrow, one of my all time favorite birds. Later that day, while taking lunch to my wife, (on my bike of course) I stopped again at the Pumpkin field where I encountered a rather large flock of some 25 Wilson’s Snipe. That ended my day with 9 new additions. Today, Jan.6th I attempted to locate a Short-eared Owl that has been seen a couple of times out on Kent Island, which is located in the middle of the Bolinas Lagoon. I didn’t have any luck with the Owl but did manage to add a Nuttall’s Woodpecker as well as a soaring Sharp shinned Hawk leaving me with a total of 127 species.


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