UPDATE-A few new birds to add for the Carbon Free Big Year.

While the high rate of additions to the big year has lessened there have been a few birds to add. On Jan. 8th, after not adding any birds in a day I headed home from my gallery, disheartened as this would be my first day without an addition. I was very happy to hear a sound that split the darkness, Barn Owl! That brought me to 130 species. Jan. 9th was my first day without a new bird so I thought that I would pick it up a bit. I headed out to the mouth of Pine Gulch Creek where I was pleased to hear, see and video tape a pair of Winter Wrens. Shortly after, while getting my feet wet from the high tide, I slogged out to find the beautiful Swamp Sparrow that I had been keeping my eyes on late last year. I was so happy! Two other birds that were a joy to see were 4 female Hooded Mergansers and a male Eurasian Wigeon. My year now stands at 132.


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