Tres Mas

Wow! I woke up with a strong storm pounding away at the coast, the lagoon and our house! While it was very windy, it was not raining. The tide was very high and had forced Gulls and many Shorebirds up an onto the tip of Sea Drift spit. After breakfast I headed out and down to the end of Wharf Road at the mouth of the Bolinas Lagoon. There I was happy to discover amongst the hundreds of Dunlin, Sanderling and Least Sandpipers at least 3 Western Sandpipers that were doing their best to stay in on spot. They weren’t achieving stability as the high waves and strong gusts of wind saw to that. # 134! A few hundred feet further in the lagoon was a surprisingly large group of perhaps 50 Brown Pelicans that were framed by a hundred or so large gulls. Amongst the Western, Glacous-winged, California, Ring-billed, Mew and the one or two Herring Gulls was a fine first cycle Thayer’s Gull that stood out from all others by the beautiful checkering of the wings and the upper parts and the delicate bill and gentle expression. This “kind” look is created by the rounded forehead, the dark “calm” eye and tiny bill. # 135! After peddling up and onto the big mesa, I poked around the Sewage Ponds where I encountered 7 Black-crowned Night Herons, a flotation of Lesser Scaup and numerous other Duck species.  Next it was neighborhood birding with a White-throated Sparrow, crazy flocks of Sparrows, Pygmy Nuthatches and numerous other typical back yard birds. After that I made my way to the fields next to the Fire Department where I finally caught up with at least 3 Tricolored Blackbirds mixed in with a large flock of Red-winged and Brewer’s Blackbirds and Starlings. YES! # 136. In the distance eying the activity was a beautiful adult Peregrine Falcon. After that it was off to work to work on my Towhee plate for my Sierra Field Guide.


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