A nice bump!

Today I continued to search high and low for additional species for my Carbon Free Big Year. Since I haven’t ventured any further than Stinson Beach and Bolinas, the birds are getting much harder to find. Today I did well. I headed out early and Looked for American Pipits at the pumpkin field but no luck. I headed back to the yard where I found the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and it was still there, so I tried to get some more video. After that, I rode a few hundred yards where the road looks out over a marsh on the edge of the lagoon and decided to clap for rails. I did and it worked! My first Virginia Rail called back. Next around the corner and up the road, I found a sunny spot where the pines were alive with numerous song birds which included several Golden-crowned Kinglets and my first Brown Creeper! Finally! There are not many “gimmys” left and the Creeper was one of them. I looked around the north end of the lagoon and then headed home for breakfast, stopping again in the pumpkin field for a look. Just as I was about to pack it in, very far off in the distance I saw 4 birds coming in off of the lagoon and sure enough Pipits! I was very pleased as they aren’t the most common bird in this area. Later in the afternoon while scanning the lagoon from our deck, I finally caught up with the female White-winged Scoter that has been wintering on the lagoon. Four new ones today leaving me with the total of 140 species


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