Carbon Free Big Year update, 1/15/10, Two more!

Although it is becoming much more difficult to find new species I did manage to see two new ones today. The first one was kind of funny. While I was getting my morning cup of “go juice” at the coffee stand in front of the Coast Cafe and not long after first light, I spotted an adult Bald Eagle and was actually able to show it to several of the folks that were standing around. The bird was high and far out over the lagoon. After, I headed to the view at Brighton to look for seabirds but didn’t add anything new. It has gotten to the point where I really have to go for any individual species when I know that it is “available”. Case in point. I got a call late this afternoon from a friend Jeff Miller who was phoning me from Pine Gulch Creek where he had just found a Northern Waterthrush! I jumped on my bike and got there quickly. Unfortunately, I didn’t see or hear the Warbler but Jeff casually mentioned that he had just seen 4 Hooded and 2 Common Mergansers out at the mouth of the creek. Well, that was all I needed to know! With only a touch of light left, I hustled through the trees and out the creek to look out on the lagoon. I swear to you that the first bird I saw was a male Common Merganser with several hundred other ducks. BAM! There it was, #142. In addition two Grey Fox walked next to us while we were waiting for the Waterthrush.  Good day.


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