# 143, “N” it’s a good one!

After much searching and no luck adding any new species I lucked out yesterday when an Eastern Phoebe flew by me while on my bike. The bird lit on a hilltop and very back lit bush and teased me to jump a fence and scale a steep hill to put a confirmed name on this bird. It was in fact an Eastern Phoebe and I was able to get some nice video of it before it flew over a cliff and away. While I was watching the Flycatcher a group of 5 Mule Deer were watching me, which were a new Mammal for the Carbon Free Big Year. Right after the Flycatcher split, two Common Mergansers flew over head and passed within sight of the Gallery. Had I been at the gallery, I would have added a new species to my list there. I was glad that I was where I was!


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