Milestone- 150, with “A Little Spice”.

That spice comes in the form of Cinnamon, Cinnamon Teal to be exact. Today I hit the 150 mark for my big year. There were 12 of these fine ducks enjoying the shallows at the south end of the Bolinas Lagoon. It seems that that they must have arrived in just the last day or so. Spring seems to getting well under way here as the Ospreys are increasing, Tree Swallows have started to swoop in, Avocets are applying their fawn blush and willows are starting to”POP”! One of the adult Bald Eagles was putting up all of the lagoons birds simply by showing up on the scene. When all of the Herons, Terns, Gulls, Shorebirds and Geese simultaneously take wing and begin vocalizing, one can rest assured that the “Land Lord, (Sky Lord) has come for the rent!


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