My last “Gimmie” musta been “Cooped Up” & Off to Oaxaca!

A “gimmie” is a species that should be an easy find or a no brainer. Such a species is the Cooper’s Hawk. I finally tied into this, my last “easy” bird. # 151. It is interesting and kind of funny that as I returned back to my gallery there was another Cooper’s flying over with a Kestrel giving it a hard time, not an hour later. Later that afternoon, a third Cooper’s Hawk came blasting into the Gallery patio and nearly nailed a Golden-crowned Sparrow! I also saw 4 more Eurasian Collared-Doves in and around Bolinas.

I wanted to pass on to anyone who might be interested, that I will be leading a tour to the Mexican state of Oaxaca and will be gone until the 20th of March. My wife Patricia and I along with co-leader Peter Pyle will be taking 12 folk to the south land where we will visit ancient ruins, cultural sites, jungles, cloud forests, mangrove rivers, take a cooking class and … So, if you see a slight pause in my Carbon Free Big Year, then you will know why. I will let you all know how it went when I return!


One thought on “My last “Gimmie” musta been “Cooped Up” & Off to Oaxaca!

  1. Greetings Keith, it was great to meet another Keith when arriving in Oaxaca. I hope that you and your wife enjoyed your journey.

    The Audubon artist I mentioned in our shuttle from the airport is represented here in Portland – mostly large print:

    Feel free to drop me a line, or I will do the same next time I make it to nor-cal

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