Napolean Blown Apart

Gotta-Nuther! Today while doing some house cleaning I was stoked to see not one, not two but 43 Blown-apart Gulls, er rather Bonapart’s Gulls floating on the Bolinas Lagoon. They, (most of which were in full black hooded plumage) would rise into the air, wheel around while vocalizing then delicately drop back down onto the water. After a while they all picked up and headed out of the lagoon and out to sea.# 168

Tomorrow, I will be doing a long big bike day with numerous friends. We hope to depart Bolinas at 4:30 AM and head north up Hwy. 1 to a trail that will take us up and onto Bolinas Ridge. From there we will head up to Olema and on to Point Reyes Station. Then it’s Olema Marsh, Bear Valley Headquarters, Five Brooks and the back to Bolinas. I will give you the update to let you all know how it went! Wish me luck.


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