“Boys and The Hood”,(ed)

Now that I am back from the great San Joaquin Valley and BACK in the Saddle, my Carbon Free Quest continues. On May 11th, I found myself birding with Burr Heneman. We decided to give the ocean a look from our favorite perch at Duxberry Reef. While we saw many beautiful Loons passing by we didn’t add anything new for the year. So, we decided to peddle on back to town on Alder Ave. While pumping up the steep hill just shy of Grove Ave., I heard a very loud and a VERY unusual song emanating from a dense tangle, deep in private property. At first, I thought that it was a Fox Sparrow. Not being happy with that ID, we stayed and listened as the bird continued singing. Next, I thought that it might be a Green-tailed Towhee. Soon, my mind reeled as I considered a Vireo or perhaps some type of Warbler. After about 30 minutes, Burr suddenly said, “I think I saw it, I think that it has some yellow on it!” Within a few seconds I was also seeing a small yellowish bird as it moved covertly through the foliage. Suddenly, WHAM! In a well illuminated hole set within a frame of dark green shadows, up popped a stunning male, (of course, since it was singing), Hooded Warbler! #194 We quickly backed off as we had our ID, needed to get home and didn’t want to pressure the bird any longer. This vagrant from the east coast is quite rare in California and is only the 2nd record for Bolinas.


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