“Marbled Martin”

On this fine day, I went back to see if the Hooded Warbler was still singing away because I knew that people would love to see this fine fowl. Well, it was not to be as the bird departed with last nights clear skies. So, I blasted back down to Duxberry Reef for more sea birding and it payed off with as wonderful pair of Marbled Murrelets. #195. These two little sea birds floated not far from 4 Common Murres that rested nearby. This direct comparison was a nice gesture on their part as a “very distant” Murre can look not unlike a Murrelet if one doesn’t know exactly how big the bird it that you are looking at.

Later in the evening while working at the gallery, I was pleased, (but not surprised) to see one male and two female Purple Martins soaring and feeding on flying insects over downtown Bolinas. #196. This late afternoon feeding over town, is a regular event in this neck of the woods for this otherwise seldom encountered bird.


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