” A Whale of a Day”

What a great couple of days it has been. However not in the bird department. On the 15th I found a new mammal for my big year. It was unfortunately dead. As is all too often with burrowing critters and large amounts of rain, they need to get out and get dry. It is on occasions like this when one is likely to find such creatures dead on the side of the road. Such is the case with a beautiful specimen of a Broad-footed Mole that I found just on the way out of town next to the Lumber Yard. In addition, I saw a Coyote, heard a Gray Squirrel, a Sonoma Chimpmunk and then several Harbor Seals out on the lagoon. Later that same day I finally caught up, or should I say I was bestowed upon, the fine pleasure of seeing a California Sea Lion off of Duxbury Reef. I came home to pass on the news to my bride when ANOTHER Sea Lion ”waved hello”, right outside our room. This big ol’ female rolled by, swimming past on a high lagoon tide.

Today I rode around birding and added no new birds. I decided to head back to Duxbury to try my hand at a sea bird or two, but instead I was thrilled to see a rather close and very large fluke of a feeding Gray Whale! I could see the barnacles and scratches on its tails under surface. Not to be outdone after about 15 minutes a Minke Whale showed itself as it passed by the point moving south! I think that that was the first time that I have seen two species of Whales from Bolinas in one day.


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