198 Carbon Free Species !

Went out on May 23rd with a goal of hearing or seeing a Cassin’s Vireo. Well. that’s zact-ly what I did. I rode my bike up onto Bolinas Ridge via the Bolinas-Fairfax Road and when I entered the mixed Oak, Maple and Conifer habitat, I kept a sharp ear out for its distinct “conversational” song. While the Warbling Vireo blasts out a forceful and jumbled series of rapid “chewy” notes, the Hutton’s Vireo delves out its unchanging, monotonous, uninspired and questioning “jur-eep ?,… jur-eep ?,… jur-eep ?,………..” Mr. Cassin is a real “talker”. What I mean by that is that when a male Cassin’s Vireo is about, it’s as if you were listening to someone chatting away loudly on a phone. They question and answer, with a courteous space between each two or three syllable statement. They sound something like this. “Jurr-reep?……….Jurr-REE-YUP!………gee-dull-………..Jid-ill-liP?………Burr-jir RIP!” And on and on it goes. So, when I did finally tie into this fine bird, it was singing within earshot of both a Hutton’s and a Warbling Vireo making a “Marin Vireo Triangle” complete. I was stoked!


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