Did ya Hear Man? # 202 for my Carbon Free Big Year.

As I had mentioned on a resent post that I try to peek off of our deck every day. I indulge in this behavior, not only to enjoy the beautiful view of the Bolinas Lagoon, framed by sky, ocean and Inverness Ridge, but to see if there is anything fun poking around on, flying over or sleeping on the mudflat. I was not the least bit surprised to see two adult Heerman’s Gulls, (#202) sleeping amongst the Western Gulls. These, “Boys of Summer” typically arrive at about this time of year, each year, along with the Elegant Terns and the ever growing numbers of Brown Pelicans, to “spend the summer at the beach” and feed on the large numbers of Anchovies that pulse in and out of the lagoon. This annual event is one of the must exciting and noteworthy phenomenon for those of us who enjoy birds, nature, or a simple walk on a warm beach.

In addition I added a new mammal, it being a road killed House Mouse. Click on the “2010 Carbon Free Species List”, to see the complete tally of all the birds and mammals that I have encountered on my Carbon Free Big Year.


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