Staring Wide Eyed or Staring at a White Eye?

Well, once I heard that the White-eyed Vireo was still being seen in Muir Beach, I figured that I would give it the ol’ Carbon Free try. So, I sprang outta bed at 5:30 AM and hit the old lonesome highway. I had not done this run before and was a little nervous about some of the hills especially the one that comes out of Muir Beach if one is north bound on highway 1. Everything turned out fine as there was very little traffic. I really enjoyed being out alone and just slowly taking in the scenery that I have whizzed past at high speeds, for so many years. I made the “several hundred foot” descent into Muir Beach and coasted past the Pelican Inn and along the Willow and Alder lined stream toward the beach parking lot. Well, let me tell you that I was thrilled when the White-eyed Vireo sang before my bike even came to rest. It popped right out into the open and showed itself once or twice before heading off to the neighbors yard. #204! This was such a thrill to go for a bird of this quality and to have success in seeing it! As I had mentioned on a previous post this is only the second one that I have ever seen in the state.


One thought on “Staring Wide Eyed or Staring at a White Eye?

  1. Congratulations! The day I saw you — 13 July, I believe — you were headed to Muir Beach with the help of carbon. I am so glad you can now add the White Eyed to your list of Carbon Free sightings!


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