Working on my Pecks

Today I received a rather excited phone call from Steve Howell when he reported that he had found an adult Pectoral Sandpiper, (only the third time he had seen one in that age class for California). Needless to say, I grabbed Burr Heneman and we blasted up in short order. With a beautiful spangled adult Greater Yellowlegs as well as a Western Sandpiper the “Pec” fit nicely as the”in-between” size of these two extremes. The Pectoral, #205,  fed calmly and displayed its plumage nicely. Being much whiter than a juvenile, this somewhat worn bird exhibited the fine dark streaks on the breast and showed beautiful white “checked board” spangles on its scapular feathers. The flanks showed subtle streaks that extended to the rear portion of those feathers but not the the area located at the side of the tail. The very rare and similar looking Sharp-tailed Sandpiper shows pencil-thin fine streaks, that adorn the edges of the under tail coverts.  The bill was flesh tipped with horn color.  With species coming more slowly, one has to get whatever one can!  

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