# 218, A 2010 Model Hummer, (Not the Car)

Yesterday, my gallery was blessed with yet another cool hummingbird. It took the form of a Black-chinned Hummingbird! # 218. I am always so excited to have these birds show up that really are quite rare for Marin County. This was the 4th record for the gallery and was enjoyed by Dave DeSante who added it as anew species for his county list. This bird is an immature and showed all of the classic features for this species. Good things to look for are the blunt and broad outer primary flight feathers, especially the longest (10th) primary. In addition the flanks lack the spotted look that all Anna’s should show, but display an even wash of grayish with a touch of buff at the rear, near the legs. The bill is long and slightly curved. The crown is dark on the forehead and green at the hind crown. It was here today and was seen by a few other birders.

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