Bolinas Lagoon Tsunami

On Friday the 11th, Bolinas Lagoon was hit with several surges created from the devastating earthquake that hit Japan. I shot this video footage at about 10:15 AM when at least 4 events took place here. In what typically takes several hours, it was incredible to see the lagoon fill from an OUTGOING low tide to FULL in a little over two minutes. Make sure that when you view this footage that you have the volume up so that you can hear the full power of the surge.

3 thoughts on “Bolinas Lagoon Tsunami

  1. Keith, thank you for taking this great film! I had heard it wasn’t going to be much to see, but wow, was i wrong! I am just so glad it happened at low tide and outgoing at that.


  2. Torcuil alerted me to this! Excellent footage. Scary, the power in even that much water and easy to see how the full-scale event caused so much damage to Japan.

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