Keith’s new Web Site with Sierra Prints

Small Owls of the Sierra Nevada

Welcome back to my Blog.

I am very excited!

I am sitting in my gallery and enjoying the sound of happily feeding sparrows out in the patio & looking forward to getting back to my blog.

SO much has been happening since I last posted. I have recently finished a 14 year project creating numerous watercolor images for a book entitled, “Birds of the Sierra Nevada, Their Natural History, Status & Distribution”. This richly worded and informative resource was written by Edward Beedy, Ed Pandolfino & was illustrated by Keith Hansen. I have completed the last of 70 plates, depicting the various species that inhabit that grand mountain range. I will be posting MUCH more about the book and its release, very soon.

I’m happy to announce the release of my New Web Site! You can dive into some of my work by going to the link below.



Limited Edition Prints of each of the 70 plates are now available. Please find your way into the site where you will, for the first time, be able to see each of the 70 plates that depict the 320 species that I have had the pleasure of getting to know in a very deep and personal way. While this process has been lengthy, it has given me a great insight & understanding into a unique region and its stunning bird life.

The art or “plates” are laid out in the order that they were created with the “Loon, Cormorant, Pelican” plate being the first one that I started, back in 1998. I chose this order to illustrate the plates, because it seemed logical to create them in “Taxonomic Order“. To see the images enlarged,  click on the image several times to increase their size. Typically I portray from 3 to 6 species per plate, showing the plumage & how it varies depending on the sex, age, race or season. Plates took an average of two months to complete & are largely watercolor, graphite, colored pencil & tiny applications of acrylic.

An important tool that I used throughout this process has been a video camera. Over the years I have taken footage of over 800 species of birds from North America, Mexico & Central America. This footage enables me to have the positions & visual information needed for me to capture their special, wonderful & unique look.

Wrens of the Sierra Nevada

Wrens of the Sierra Nevada


The Limited Edition Run is 100 prints for each of the 70 bird plates.

These Geclee Prints are produced on heavy 100% archival stock with deckled edges & are printed at 100%, the size of the original. The Limited Edition Prints measure, 10 1/2  x  17 inches.They are shipped flat and well fortified.

Limited Edition Print Price $125.00

Prints can be ordered & purchased on the Web Site or by calling The Wildlife Gallery at 415 868 0402
or Email Keith at  birdhansen(at)mac(dot)com    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Please stay tuned into this blog and visit the web site as many new products and art pieces will be added.


Keith Hansen

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  1. Keith, if you could please send me your current email address, I’d be appreciative.



    Jake Bodden Owner, Bica Coffeehouse 5701 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618 Twitter: @bicacoffeehouse Personal email: Mobile: +1.925.588.8333 Skype: jake.bodden

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